Manage your multilingual processes

Streamline and improve business and order management of language services.

The growth of communication and content causes many organisations to rethink how they deliver language services. Many of the processes and tasks involved in managing multilingual content can create growth opportunities as well as cost savings. Comprehensive workflow design and translation management capabilities improve the performance of project management, resource management and financial management.

LTC provides a centralised solution to automate what you can, control what you need with a technology system capable of handling large volumes of translation requirements. Consider an integrated and end-to-end business management solution with a flexible solution for corporate language departments; international, national and regional institutions; and language service providers (LSPs).

  • LTC Worx manages and centralises all your multilingual business processes and is customisable to your organisation’s needs. Manage different workflows for project management, cost analysis and much more. LTC Worx handles all sorts of projects and multiple sites, so all your business and project-related data can provide instant management reports. Manage your projects efficiently and collaborate effectively with comprehensive file management, flexible user roles and control over complex tasks and features. Read more about LTC Worx management system here.

  • Do you have growing multilingual challenges in managing your Content Management System? We can integrate on-demand translation directly into your CMS or any application. By combining customised translation technologies with quality-assured human translations, the efficiency of the translation process is radically improved. Read more about the LTC Communicator here.