“Automate what you can, and control what you need!”

Language Service Providers (LSPs) can take advantage of LTC’s heritage of providing enterprise-level global information management and translation technology in a language company environment. How? With its flagship product, LTC Worx customized for your business.

For LSPs, LTC Worx can integrate with and help you manage your entire production and delivery processes. LTC Worx connects with existing tools for accounting and translation vendor management, as well as front-end tools for lead and customer relationship management.

LTC Worx Facts:

Manage all types of workflows with LTC Worx

With LTC Worx, you can manage all workflows, including project management, finance and resource allocation. It includes tools for collaboration and file management, as well as interfaces with other applications such as bookkeeping software.

LTC Worx can handle workflows for costing and project management for all your language projects including translation, localization, interpreting, subtitling, consultancy and language training. Plus, LTC Worx can be used to manage many more tasks including publishing, authoring, DTP workflows, transcription.

Run a transparent business

LTC Worx also includes a powerful, flexible reporting engine. You can easily create your own custom reports, order them from us, or engage a third party. For your convenience, LTC Worx ships with many useful reports to track your Key Performance Indicators (KPI), such as profit and loss reports, reports for resource and financial planning, sales and marketing, and much more.

LTC Worx is scalable and adaptable. It adapts to your existing processes, so you’re in charge. This way you can “automate what you can, and control what you need.” You decide which tasks in your processes need to be controlled and which can be automated. Flexible workflows can be created for all types of process and customized for specific projects.

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