Drive down costs of growing translation requirements

Translation management for multinationalsThe world is changing. Communication is no longer simply a challenge – it is a global challenge. The volume of data is increasing day by day, globally, and the costs associated with being truly global-minded are rising every minute. Finding an effective answer to new translation challenges is not only a way of saving money, it is a serious competitive advantage.

At LTC we look at the type of content you are dealing with and find the most efficient and  cost-effective way of reaching your target audience.

  • Do you have documents to translate? We enhance our traditional document translation services with technologies that reduce the translation volumes and provide you with the most cost-effective result – applying LTC’s highest quality standards where required. Read more about our translation services here.

  • Do you have an ever growing Content Management System with an international audience? We can integrate directly with your CMS. We utilise the language technologies which best optimise and automate your multilingual processes and ensure the quality of the output meets the requirements of the target audience. Read more about the LTC Communicator here.

  • Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your own translation teams? Our business management system provides comprehensive control of different workflows for project management, costing and much more in order to create real value and return on investment. Increased efficiency and analysis can be monitored with management reports. Read more about LTC Worx here.

LTC’s innovative, flexible and focused approach to ensuring our customers’ success is valued by leading global enterprises. For them, LTC provides seasoned expertise in all aspects of translation, authoring, managing and delivering corporate content in multiple languages.