Expand your brands worldwide

Localisation and Targeting international markets

Expanding your brands globally poses you with a whole new set of challenges. Adapting and protecting your values in your multilingual content in a way that will allow you to succeed in a new local market is not easy.

  • You are launching international campaigns which aim to express your core values in a way that resonates with the target audience – but which are the relevant cultural nuances to keep in mind?
    At LTC we can help you transcreate your product and brand to ensure your message gets through to your new audience. Read more about transcreation.
  • You would like to provide your new customers with a website in their language – but you don’t know where to start?
    We can help you globalize your website allowing you to add additional languages as you go. We can even host your language versions – your website technicians do not lift a finger, whilst we track your website for new content and keep all language versions up to date.
    Read more about website globalisation.
  • Your new customer base is trying to communicate with you but you do not speak their language?
    We can review your communications channels with customers and develop an efficient strategy with you for your international communications – including translating online content dynamically, on-demand translations of your knowledge base for customers and instant automated translations of customer queries for your customer services team with optional quality assurance. Read more about the LTC Communicator.