Establish consistent multilingual information management

Translation services for international organisations

Translation is a creative process which poses interesting questions with no single answers. However, once you have found the ideal translation for a product part, a manufacturing process or product slogan these can be leveraged to ensure consistency and drive down translation costs.

The use and translation of terms is distinct to each organisation and effective terminology management greatly improves the work of many in the authoring, translation and quality control of important content.

  • We can build and maintain an enterprise-level terminology database to ensure your consistent messaging. It is essential to utilise high levels of accuracy and efficiency by using experts in their field and quality checks. LTC help you get it right from the beginning to reduce costs and achieve quality objectives. Read more about LTC services for terminology management here.

  • We offer a unique combination of high quality professional services and innovative translation technologies to manage projects large and small with specific subject matter. LTC safeguards the specific message with QA management processes certified to the European quality standard EN 15038. We have the experience to know good quality and manage language services in over 40 languages. Read more about our language services here.